Whisky Review: Amrut Spectrum 004

Style: Fruity and Complex

Creamy red grapes and sticky date pudding sitting on top of a herbal base. Caramelized banana, plenty of tobacco leaves with a light peppermint flower overtone. Dark fruits reaches out and bind all the elements together. Strawberry Shisha molasses puffing out a faint smoky breath. A round and deep aroma.

Strawberry sauce, fat toffee and more tobacco leaves flooding onto the palate. Round and sweet, flavours are nicely integrated together. An array of fruitiness starting to shine after the sherry washes off, orange candy, crystallized tropical fruits and subtle white flowers shattered into tiny fragments and snowing down onto the underlying espresso oak. Spearmint spice combines with the herbal DNA in the spirit and reaches a resounding freshness. Butter brushed barley sugar with a dry, husky tail.

Red fruits and confectioneries staying around. Orange candies combines finishes with murmuring cigar malt.

After tasting this, it is only natural to compare this 004 with the first Amrut Spectrum. I feel in general the progression and structure are quite similar to the previous version, but the sherry is less prevalent with 004 – noticeably less PX I think. As a result 004 is weaker on the Sherry side but it also unshackles the expression of other fruitiness on multiple levels. Thumbs up from me because Spectrum is supposed to be showcasing complexities, right? A welcomed improvement.

☆☆ [Highly Recommended]

[50% • Original Bottling • No Age Statement • Non Chill Filtered • 2017 Bottled • Limited Edition • 1800 Bottles • Sample Tasting • **]

Thank you Heath.



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