Dram Review: Timboon Christie’s Cut (Bottled on 1 March 2018)

[60.0%・3 Years Old・Distilled in 2014・Bottled in 2018・Official Bottling]


The spectrum of nose is a bit narrow at first but the thickness of marshmallow and boiling brown sugar is well established along side a faint floral musk.  In time, it grows more expressive with some black tea, dried figs and burnt toffee and it shows a peppery side that is slightly tilted, perhaps indicative of its youthfulness.

Palate & Finish:

Thick intense sweetness at first with a lot of prunes and strawberry lollies driving the acidity up, but it grows rather ester driven gradually, light floral honey and green apples.  That TimBoon signature bubble gum flavour is also inherent.  Anzac biscuits with some light cinnamon sugar and quite a bit of ginger spices and alcohol burn on the back end.

The dram finishes with some slightly burnt granola with traces of manuka honey, a bit nutty and towards the dry side.


Timboon perhaps is perhaps rather known for its light, bubble gum flavouring driven style and I have come to recognise its overtly ester-y notes as the distillery’s signature characters.

Bottled at 60%, this year’s Christie’s Cut is more in line with the heavy Australian mould but the Timboon DNA is still very much intact, alas the more prominent cask influence seems to come in conflict with the spirit characters a little bit.

The 2018 version does feel quite young, perhaps it could have used that extra year or so of maturation like last year’s release to really mellow the dram out further.

Still, very much in line with Aussie whisky fans’ taste for a big dram.

Thank you Mr. Josh Walker for sending through the sample bottle, it’s much appreciated.