Whisky Review: Highland Park 18 Years Old “Viking Pride”

Style: Sweet and Delicate


Balmy sweetness entwined with light charcoal smoke. Limoncello, citrus edges over heather honey. Black peppercorns come in with barbecue peat. Peppermint, apricots and peaches. Finishes with a touch of dryness at the back.


Soft sherry entrance, honey sitting on the white floral side, slightly perfumed. Rather rich heather roaming as faint peat smoke sinks in. A mix of sweet raisins, wood and earthy notes. Finishes with milk chocolate.


Barbecue smoke more evident towards the end. Sweetness taken over by red dates and dark-milk chocolate. Lingering dried fruits, pretty nice.


It feels this Viking Pride Highland Park 18 is more perfumed than the previous batch. Still an incredibly balanced dram crafted by this distillery. The sherry notes makes it mark but other components breathes out really well. Plenty of Highland Park signature, lovely honey notes. A delicious everyday drink.


[43% • Original Bottling • 2016 Bottled • Non Coloured • General Release]