Whisky Review: Kavalan Selection Sherry Cask for Maison Du Whisky Singapore 10th Anniversary

Style: Sherry and Spicy

Waterfall of heavy molasses, red dates, fig jam, strawberries, brown sugar all pouring over crystallized orange candy. Icy, green peppermint overtone while copper notes slipping under. Dry black peppercorn with a lick of dry oak staves.

A pretty sip of muscovado syrup on the palate. Java sugar, citrus orange beaming gently. Cherry liquor, purple grapes bubble gum, dark prunes with tobacco leaves and punchy peppermint. Cacao powder dusting on almond croissants, a slice of Christmas cake. Dark chocolate KitKat to finish.

Sweet, dark cherry pie. A nice puff of cigar smoke. Finish with bitter tea leaves.

Dark, dark, dark and deep Kavalan we have here. Manifold facets of sherry fruits putting in a charming performance. While youthful spirit manages to march through the sea of heavily-armed dark fruits, showing a decent degree of complexities with a powerful whack. A young, heavy sherry bomb without a doubt.


[58.6% • Original Bottling • Single Cask • No Age Statement • Cask Strength • Non Chill Filtered • Non Coloured • Cask Number: S81217015 • 495 of 510 Bottles]