Whisky Review: Ichiro’s Malt Chichibu IPA Cask Finish 2017

Style: Fruity, Gingery and Bright


Begins with a comfortable blend of vanilla cream and marmalade. Tropcial fruits, pineapple and overripe honeydew building on a citrus edge. Quiet forest breeze, spearmint and green pine gently sheathed by the sweetness at the core. Floral notes crystallized into sugary confectioneries which are elevated by energetic spices. A near-invisible whiff of dunnage malt towards the end.


Orange and pineapple infused into fizzling ginger ale, setting a fresh and vibrant tone on the palate, very nice. Green peppermint and pine notes soaring high again, luscious passion fruit syrup drizzling generously on a beer-flavoured milkshake (imagine that!). An aromatic layer of hops lying in between. Rich vanilla milk at the back, a bit of caramel sauce and oatmeal to finish.


Faint beer signatures, citrus malt with ginger shreds and orange bitters to finish. Still fresh and delicious but dries up quicker than usual and leaving a curious void.


I was stunned when I first tried a sample of this (thanks Jose), not only by the high standards of this malt, but very much by how beer cask maturation has opened my eyes to a new flavour dimension of malt whisky – a novel set of ginger and floral traits; the extra lightness and crispness instilled by IPA casks in such an agreeing way. The synergy is definitely there, and it works exceptionally well with Chichibu’s bright and citrus-driven distillate, making it an immensely fresh summer whisky. Beautiful dram, extremely close to 2 stars.

☆ [Recommended]

[57.5% • Original Bottling • 2017 Bottled • No Age Statement • Cask Strength • Non Chill Filtered • Non Coloured • 6082 of 6700 Bottles • *+]