Dram Review: Asta Morris Chichibu (Cask No. 702)

[52.3%・5 Years Old・Distilled in 2010・Bottled in 2016・Asta Morris Bottling・Cask No. 702・Single Cask Release of 380 Bottles]


The nose boasts a indulging creaminess, oozing out vanilla custard and gooey egg tart centre, it’s quite a dense, unrelenting sweetness. Within the sweetness, ripe fruits are also present followed by a casual pinch of chilli and sichimi powder.

Palate & Finish:

The palate is bursting with honey and honeydew, quite a matured ripeness and incredibly sweet. The apple nectar ropes in the wood to provide a momentary dryness before making way for another wave of syrupy sweetness. It’s slightly gingery on the back palate with more honey and a lovely expression of malt coming out.

Quite a lovely finish with some honey and menthol.


Chichibu and Asta Morris have both released quite a few quality bottlings but I think both of them will remember this bottling fondly.

Such a indulging gem, the profile is also quite unique.

It’s certainly one of the more memorably good virgin oak casks out there, not entirely balanced but certainly enjoyable enough to be in consideration of a two star recommendation.

☆ [Recommended]