Whisky Review: SMWS 93.80 Glen Scotia ‘Rough around the edges’

Style: Fruity, Peaty and Ashy


A whiff of sea breeze at fish market, barbeque smoke, followed by kelp, and acidic mineral notes. Lively maritime influence in the air. Tight with spirit hotness, Acrylic glue transition in the middle. Uplift the smokescreen and we have fragrant, overripe peaches which has been waiting at the back. Creamy vanilla and toffee to round the aroma off at the back.


Smoke and fruits switch sides on the palate. Smoky water retreating to the back as overripe fruits filling up the front rows. Vanilla cream tipped into round and rich sweet fruitiness. Toffee sauce drizzling down, then the maritime influence resurfaces again – more kelp, sea salt, iodine and a touch of acidity start rolling back. Finishes with some tobacco ash.


Barley taking in minimal amount of honey as flavours are drying up. Burnt wood ashes and hickory smoke finish.


Young Glen Scotia(s) are always fun to play with, maybe that’s because of its distinctive, expressive and multi-facet spirit character. Adding cask influence into the equation, you quite never know what you are getting but usually there is plenty to play with. Now, for this Glen Scotia, we have a honey cask which injects beautiful sweetness to carry the minor elements through, fruity, funky and smoky. Quite delicious.

✓ [Recommended if you like the style/ distillery]

[60.6% • 2010 Distilled • Aged 7 Years • Single Cask • Cask Strength • Non Coloured • Non Chill Filtered • Matured in First Fill Bourbon Cask • t+]