Whisky Review: SMWS 134.1 Paul John “Exotic Rainforest Fruits”

Style: Hot, Fruity and Complex


Immediate whiff of herbal overtone, a layer of peanut brittle followed by deep, round tropical fruits and confectionaries. Packing a fragrant but powerful punch. Peppermint and lavender notes sneaking under the hot wave, vanilla malt carpet rolled out carefully at the back. Fiery heat but it carries the aroma through nicely.

More signature peanut notes from Paul John – nuttiness with a
hint of saltiness. Soaring herbal breeze knitting into a juicy candy core which is riding on enormous energy. Plums and red liquorice, wood shavings, blue berries, honey oat and milk candy, showing plenty of layers, all bright and sweet. Earthiness and charry notes lurking at the back. Deliciously complex.


More pencil shavings, ripe tropical fruits humming without pressure as the spice and intensity wanes. Cherries with a final kiss of peanut butter.


Such an energetic display from this Society Paul John, really wakes you up with this level of intensity. It feels both the distillate and the cask have really worked really hard here, weaving layers after layers of flavours, very complex and complete. Made in India, but definitely qualify for a perfect winter dram.   


[57.9% • 2010 Distilled • 2016 Bottled • Aged 6 Years • Independent Bottling • Single Cask • Non Coloured • Non Chill Filtered • Matured in Refill Bourbon Barrel]


Tasted at Archie Rose Distillery, Sydney.