Whisky Review: Gordon & Macphail Connoisseur Choice Glenlossie 1968 Aged 12 Years

Style: Chocolate, Perfumed and Vintage


A touch of stewed tropical fruits followed by soft grassy notes combined with nice waxy tone. Delicate fruits at a comfortable pace. White pepper, fragrant walnut oak polish. Faint capsicum and earthy spices reeling at the back.


More fragrant stewed fruits and walnuts converges at the tip, papaya, black currant and coconut jelly. Spice fizzles beautifully at just the right time. Chocolate cream, vanilla pods and white flowers spreading over. Feels so distant and different to the modern Glenlossie… Dark oak cuts in very early, curiously there is a touch of soap as well. Sweetness dries up rather quickly, leaving a dry metallic trail at the back. Hmmm, a delicate, busy and somewhat quirky palate…


Soft, brown sugar and red date mixed with malt water to finish.


A rather interesting Glenlossie, quite perfumed and chocolatey which feels very different to the Glenlossie they make today. Unexpected combination of flavours is assembled together which makes me wonder if the distillation process was different or abundant OBE (old bottle effect) has occurred in this bottle, but overall it is pretty good drop in my book. Anyway, it is always a good experience to try whiskies from previous era, smooth and comfortable style of dram which is very different to the modern ones.

✓ [Recommended if you like the style/distillery]

[40% ・ Independent Bottling ・1980 Bottled ・1968 Distilled ・Discontinued・t]


Tasted at Club Qing, Hong Kong.