Dram Review: Straight From The Cask Glenburgie 1963 Aged 39 Years

[58.0%・39 Years OldDistilled in 1963・Bottled  2002・Signatory Vintage Bottling Selected by La Maison du Whisky・Cask No. 4750Single Cask Release of 185 Bottles]


The dram opens with a clean, mellow dose of stone fruits, then it is like opening the wardrobe to find your Barbour Bedale freshly brushed with wax together with your oil finished tin cloth jacket from Filson.  The oak is stately and is met with this golden sweetness from the clean malt, all the while with that old school Sherry cask creaminess running underneath. More tan leather with fine creamy cigar leaves giving a bit of weight, with a delight dose of Paris-Brest filled with caramel cream.  Dig deeper though and there is something dirty lurking beneath the exquisite fineness, something peaty and smoky.

Palate & Finish:

White oak infused soft syrup with some tender lemony edges, a waxy honey sweetness.  Caramelised pineapples with a hint of vegetative note and traces of peat smoke; slightly on the earthy side with some cloves and walnuts as the tannins seeps through. Though the green grapes do bring out this wee hint of salivating acidity.

Lemony, wHite oak infused soft syrup, cooked pineapples, a hint vegetative with some traces of peat smoke, rather earthy with quite a splash of peppery spices as tannins keep sipping through along green grapes.

Elegant finish that elongates with these notes of wine-y grapes lingering.


A splendid vintage whisky, an excellent Glenburgie, and it’s peated!

What a joy for me to write about the dram.

☆☆ [Highly Recommended]


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