Dram Review: Michel Couvreur 1984

[43.0%NASDistilled in 1984 Michel Couvreur BottlingSingle CaskBottling]


Brown sugar and matured pear sweetness giving off that bright yet refined scent dressed with an elegant mahogany note.  Soft egg custard and tobacco with more ripe stone fruits coming out on the lighter spectrum and the lightly toasted barley and dark chocolate giving a heavier edge.

Palate & Finish:

Brilliantly cask seasoned and oh so concentrated.  Raisins and dried Muscat grapes but also Maraschino cherries and can pineapples.  Hint of coconut as well, as the liquid cherry ripe continues to please, so well tuned with the malt just casually seeping out gradually.

The cinnamon infused sweetness drags on to reveal a wee coffee note and a bit more malt.


Technically a NAS but it’s really about 30 years old. Not particularly whisky-esque with its immense cask influence but it’s got that red lip classic thing that some people like..

☆☆ [Highly Recommended]