Dram Review: Limeburners Infinity Solera Cask

[43.0%・NAS・Bottled Circa 2017・Official Bottling・General Release]


Moist Banana bread and sultana in fairly soft dosage, chocolate sundae sauce with a sound introduction of malt before getting a tad gingery in time.

Palate & Finish:

Quite an appealing sultana note to begin albeit on the thin side, lightly brushed with chocolate sauce. Some lemony note to go with clean grass clippings. The spirit is understandably quite youthful, with some faint background notes of caramel and burnt oranges.

Finishes lightly with more of that chocolate sauce along with flicks of ginger and cinnamon.


Decent entry level Aussie that’s rather logically vatted, close to scoring a tick. A bit more maturity and a bit more intensity would really push this into becoming Australia’s leading non-single-cask/non-small-batch general release..


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