Dram Review: Ailsa Bay (Bottled in 2016)

[48.9%・NAS・Bottled in 2016・Official Bottling・General Release]


Gooey confectionary aromas and poached ripe fruits, with a passive smoke that is dirty but sweet in the background.  Splashes of minerals with a curious scent of tiger balm all patched together.

Palate & Finish:

The palate is somewhat overwhelming with this stickily sweet toffee note along some peanut butter and pepper.  Some pear-y esters are in play here with the iodine smoke surfacing along the spices.

Medium finish with the sweet peat continued to be unveiled amidst the distorting spices.


Peated to 21ppm, this Ailsa Bay was never going to to be a peat monster, instead it feels like it exists as a part to the puzzle with how the peat is playing second fiddle to the confectionary notes..