Whisky Review: The Balvenie Caribbean Cask Aged 14 Years

Style: Toffee fruits and Spicy


Round and composed aroma we have here – cereal, creamy oatmeal stirring with fresh green and apples. Toffee base, a mix of peppermint, peppercorns and copper notes floating atop. Apricots jam to finish.


Toffee apples hitting the ground and tangerines hopping into the fruit wagon. More fruits dipping into vanilla cream with plenty of nutmeg dusting down. Mmmm, here comes the rum influence – Cereal malt and waxy honeycomb taking a subtle hint of apricots, peppermint and spirit spice rising from the deep and strikes as flavours retreating at the back palate. Caramalized oak finish.


Syrupy tangerine and apricots with a light drizzle of vanilla sauce. A good dose of waxiness, feels like there are some well-matured casks pulling the weight here. Finish with prominent honeycomb and spiced oak.


Widely available on the market, but it feels the layering/vatting of this batch is a bit unusual. Probably just me imagining things again – we have some spritely, rum seasoned malt placing on top of a composed American oak driven core. Maybe some well-matured casks are utilized here. Not my favourite profile but the malt is nicely assembled. Very close to a tick.

[43% • Original Bottling • Circa 2013 • General Release x+]