Whisky Review: Ledaig Aged 10 Years

Style: Funky and Tropical fruits


Diesel oil, fisherman’s friend, sea salt, flints, banana flower, red chilli spice and even a touch of cumin all tossed in together with explicit vanilla barley. A peculiar set of aroma, even more so for a distillery bottling these days. Almond milk, oily kelp, green mangoes converges at the back.


Barley converts into the form of malt syrup, savoury. Smoked salmon basked in mineral and maritime notes. Plenty of white pepper, then we have five spices, salt, paprika and cumin dusting on bright vanilla fruits. A more round and floral back palate – Banana flowers and banana confectioneries to inject nice sweetness to balance the tone. Finish with a faint whiff of tarry, beachside bonfire smoke.


Weak notes of cloves and white pepper seasoned tropical fruits, sea breeze and a touch of milky oak to finish.


Such a unique, ballsy style of whisky. So much funky and “dirty” elements at play but somehow it has managed to pull off with optimum tropical fruits gelling the whole expression together. Strange enough to put off some beginners (and some connoisseurs), but I quite enjoyed it. Many whiskies are made to be more approachable these days, my hats off to people who dare to be different. Bravo.

✓ [Recommended if you like the style/ distillery]

[46.3% • Original Bottling • 2015 Bottled • Non Chill Filtered • General Release • t]