Whisky Review: Royal Brackla Aged 12 Years

Style: Fruity and Grassy


Fresh peach and nectarine soaking in eau de vie. Subtle but spritely grassiness flashing on a lower level, fennel and perhaps some linseed. Vanilla pods and macadamias, honeyed fruits on the back.


Oloroso-led malt infused with soft woodstove smoke at the front. Nectarine syrup drizzling on white bread. Baked peach, eau de vie and grassy (almost vegetal) signatures forming a delicate but oily core. Roasted hazelnut, cherrywood and malty notes to finish.


Cherrywood smoke combines nicely with stewed yellow fruits. Red berries emerge overtime to give a satisfying Oloroso finish.


My first distillery bottling Royal Brackla and this is a fairly decent one. The Oloroso sherry has been pulling the strings here, while the distillate character – grassiness, lean fruits and eau de vie are panning out at a decent pace. Although at 40% the malt feels a bit thin and the flavour intensity is a bit weak, but overall a nice and clean display. Close to a tick.

[40% • Original Bottling • 2015 Bottled • General Release • x+]