Whisky Review: Ardbeg 1978

Style: Fruity and Elegant

Dry coconut shreds and pineapple overseeing gentle amber smoke, I am getting a lot of “old-school” vibe here. Lemon zest, salt and pepper at work one level down. Vanilla oil, a touch of tar, all zinged up by citrus spice. Leather, wood incense combined with a touch of mineral notes at the back.

Limoncello teams up with creamy Kahlua here. Grilled pineapple and stewed fruits building up beautiful fragrance. Chocolate oak, fuzzy floral touches. Coal fire and tar riding on soft peppermint heat. Vanilla cream, grapefruits, ashes and hazelnut chocolate underlined by sooty notes. Waning back palate, faint malt syrup with more fruits echoing softly at the back.

Waxy fruits simmering, another bite of chocolate oak, pleasant finish.

The two 70s Ardbegs I have tried tend to have a shorter back palate, I wonder if that’s a coincidence? Also, I am surprised this is only 18-19 years old, I would have guessed 25+ if I have been served blind. Anyway, what we have here is a textbook “old-school” whisky here. Refined baked fruits and waxy notes lift up by gentle amber smoke. Showcasing the delicate and fruity facet of Ardbeg. Delicious. Almost, almost made it to 2 stars.

☆ [Recommended]

[43% • Original Bottling • 1978 Distilled • 1997 Bottled • Limited Edition • Aged 18-19 Years • *+]