Dram Review: Ardbeg Grooves Committee Edition

[51.6%・NAS・Bottled in 2018・Official Bottling・Limited Release]

For more information on the story behind Ardbeg Grooves, please read my friends Mr. Andrew Derbidge’s post here and the Whisky Ledger’s post here.


The dram starts off with sugary sweet peat, though it is also quite brine-y and seaweed-y with notes of seafood marinara.  The earthy smoke is well integrated and carries hints of vanilla whilst lollies, violets, lemon custard and crush blackberries hang politely in the background.  In time the dram develops some smoked ribs and briskets aromas.

Palate & Finish:

The dram boasts a substantial mouthfeel, perhaps a tad on the dry, tarry side initially.  Roasted capsicum and red pepper whilst being quite herbal.  But then the lollies, red berries and English toffee sip out and show a less gritty side of things atop the base of chocolate and vanilla mousse.  Still, there is this particular oiliness that just clings on, this sacred essence of American BBQ that carries with it an oomph of sooty, dirty peat.

The masculine peat drags on in the finish and provide a good smoky aftertaste, with dark chocolate coated coffee beans and a touch of menthol.


Well this is exciting, a very good Ardbeg Day release.  Technically sound and unexpectedly powerful, it seemed to have put some hair on my chest..

☆ [Recommended]

Thank you Ardbeg Australia, Moet Hennessy Australia and EVH PR for providing the sample, it’s much appreciated.