Whisky Review: The Macallan Estate Reserve Ernie Button Limited Edition

Style: Rich and Sherry


Started with red plums and prunes, sweet and around aroma. Plenty of chocolate sauce pursues from behind. Menthol, then we have digest biscuit and roasted malt to buffer the acidity. A few almond croissant and cookie dough dissonant hidden within, while subtle, graceful grassy and floral notes sitting deep at the core.


Sweet red plums riding on a peppermint thread, while Black Forest cake, wood smoke and dry spices – clover, cinnamon and nutmeg all building up the dark fruit sweetness. Dark cherries, rum and raisin ice cream, tobacco leaves and caramel toffee sauce forming a deep body. Reverting back to almond croissants again, raw doughy touches here and there. Malt and roasted coffee beans at the back end.


Malt slowly converges, then we have sine free-flowing crystallized grapes prancing exquisitely. Classy Macallan finish.


A special edition of the Estate Reserve. Beautiful whisky glass “residue” art label, looks like a nebula cloud don’t you think? Not sure if it has been discontinued after the launch of the Quest Collection at duty free. Also, I wonder what casks would qualify for “Estate Reserve”? Anyway, in this whisky, we still have the Macallan formula, dark fruits sherry building around a lighter malt, smooth and silky at a good strength. Not without flaws, but overall a fine dram.

✓ [Recommended if you like the style/ distillery]

[45.7% • Original Bottling • Circa 2016 • No Age Statement • Non Chill Filtered • Non Coloured • Limited Edition • t-]


P.S. If you want to find out more about Ernie Button’s work, here’s your link.