Whisky Review: Glenmorangie 19 Years Old

Style: Sweet and Bright


Orange blossom powdered by icing sugar. A turmeric touch, ginger slices lifting the sweetness beautifully. Glazed pears and navel oranges tip-toeing on copper pipelines, peppermint drops falling on top of white timber. Fresh oakiness. Quite nice.


Orange confectioneries with a zesty ring. Lemon quencher with a drop of rose water thinly dispersed on the surface. Pistachios ice-cream undertone somehow guiding the orange-ginger spices all the way up and beaming positively. Honey malt, vanilla milk and earthy spices knitting nicely together and form a beautiful layer at the back. Almonds and dried apricots to finish.


A thin sheet of vanilla-fruits rolling out, apricots and barley slowly building on top of it.


A delightful bourbon cask Glenmorangie – Sweet, bright and clean. Sometimes vatted expressions tend to lose a bit of roundness and finesse without the aid of a sherry component. But in this case, it compensates nicely with an injection of extra freshness which ties everything together and takes the spirit to another level. Another good showing of the distillate building on a neat structure. Impressive drop.

☆ [Recommended]

[43% • Original Bottling • Circa 2017 • Travel Retail Exclusive • *]