Dram Review: Iniquity Batch No. 009

[46.0%・NAS・Bottled Circa 2017-2018・Official Bottling・Batch Release]


A fulfilling dose of baked almond nibs and mahogany. An earthy presence supplemented with dark chocolate and blackcurrants jam. The experience been accentuated by notes of freshly crafted macaroons, black cherries and cured ginger.

Palate & Finish:

Juicy black cherries and liquor soaked oranges interacting with almond macaroons with toffee and caramel fillings. Thoroughly gooey mouthfeel with a bright juicy presence. The leather and oak work subtly to balance the brightness.

Prunes and black cherries with the earthiness stretching the finish, well wrapped in a “Sherry” cask creaminess.


I quite enjoy the sweet almond-y notes through out.

A gorgeous dram with a well constructed tail.

I would not have quite been able to guess the age and provenience blind..

☆ [Recommended]


P.S. Thank you Mr. Ian Schmidt for the wee dram, it’s much appreciated.