Whisky Review: Adelphi Limited Miltonduff 1983 33 Years Old

Style: Fruity and Spicy


Creamy tropical fruits building on a stealthy, but sturdy dry spices backbone. Papaya and dried mango slowly boiling in coconut milk. Jack fruit jellies riding on ginger notes. Polished copper tones. A pretty typical matured-Miltonduff nose. Round up with white peppercorns, a sweet and spicy aroma.


Simmering tropical fruits braced with vanilla cream sweetness blossoming neatly. Tropical fruits punchbowl. A nice mix of pawpaw and coconut jelly, yum. Dry spices striding in, red chilli skins, a handful of ginger shreds, a pinch of nutmeg and cinnamon dust. Cadbury milk bars to finish.


Light, stewed and waxy fruits and milk pudding. Milk chocolate finish.


Chivas’s workhorse distillery for the Ballantine’s blend. Not often I get to try Miltonduff and less so at this age. A rather bright and sweet malt which blossoms nicely on the palate. While the presentation is pretty light but a rather staunch spirit, reminds me a bit of Glenmorangie if you ask me. Not very complicated overall but very well honed. Good dram.

☆ [Recommended]

[52.6%・1983 Distilled・2017 Bottled・Independent Bottling・Single Cask・Cask Strength・Non Chill Filtered・Non Coloured・1 of 168 Bottles・ Cask Number: 7450 • *]