Dram Review: The Grove Small Batch Corn Whiskey Mash Maple Syrup Infused

[40.0%・NAS・Bottled Circa 2014-2017・Official Bottling・Batch Release]


Sweet syrupy nose, wee plums and fresh pasture. The corn sweetness and the white spirit have been hidden under the cover. It’s as if one has opened a fresh jar of maple syrup and just poured it all over the spirit characters.

Palate & Finish:

Sweet and acidic, green plums and maple syrup. Apple vinegar and leather eased over the new make notes.

Brown sugar with traces of prunes and leather in the finish, plain but easy.


The label says that the whiskey has only been “re-aged in maple syrup infused American white oak barrels”.

It is a successful incorporation of maple syrup with the profile now built almost solely around the influence instead of the spirit.

I do wonder about how much maple syrup was in turn infused into the grog..