Dram Review: Seven Stills Fluxuate

[47.0%・NAS・Bottled Circa 2016-2017・ Official Bottling・General Release]


The nose is a blast of quirky aromas, syrup, dates, cinnamon dust, cashew milk, almonds and hazelnuts all shuffled together.  Raw sugar and white peaches with a slight hint of earthiness that after a while reveals itself as deep roasted barley that fares like Chinese twenty four herbs, smoky and macho.

Palate & Finish:

Dried dates with plenty other esters coming through, spirit-y with notes of vanilla grain, milk chocolate and red cherries before a good cinnamon burn.  In time, the hint of espresso ground grows very, very herbal and almost overwhelmingly so.

A bit of a drop off in the finish after as the cinnamon burn subsides, a bit of burnt pastry.


Funky stuff, a youngling that does get some coffee cues from the use of coffee porter brewed with cold brewed.

It has a fun profile but the dram doesn’t hold up after sitting for a while. Alas, the Fluxuate is a core release so later batches should fare better..


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