Dram Review: Dobson’s Old Reliable

[47.0%・NAS・Bottled Circa 2015-2017・ Official Bottling・Batch Release]


The nose is really shy, faintly floral with mild violet and a thin brush of hazelnut cream.  Dig deeper and there is that vaguely noticeable smoke.  A wee dose of red berries in the background.

Palate & Finish:

Slight sugary strawberries, the spirit doesn’t possess too much oomph and it fizzles out, carrying its lighthearted grassy spirit characters away rather swiftly.  On a separate plane lies hints of wine cask-led summer berries and orange liqueur notes.

Finishes smoothly with a light touch of tannins.


The Old Reliable is labelled as 47% abv but it certainly feels much lighter and is an easy-to-drink whiskey.

I am currently reading Mr. Van Eycken’s book and this really reminds me of the Japanese  ji-whiskies (literally translates to “craft whiskies”) that were very popular amongst the local crowd in the early 1980s..