Dram Review: Glenmorangie 25 Years Old

[43%・Bottled circa 2015・Official Bottling・Discontinued General Release]


Starts out with quite a lovely musk that is heavily Sherried, albeit obviously without that cask strength oomph one is used to with single-cask-Sherry-bombs. The juicy raisins and ripe orchard fruits give a lovely tone with the base notes formed of chocolate and oak along with hints of marzipan and freshly baked pastry, it’s certainly poised and restrained. In time though there is a wee sulphur note noticeable deep in the background along with some coffee ground notes.

Palate & Finish:

Raisin and brown sugar syrup with a generous splash of spices, cinnamon and ginger sifted atop poached figs and prunes and dressed with orange blossom drops.  It’s quite a stylish delivery.

A medium finish with a subtle blend of earthy espresso and cream. Bitter dark chocolate draws the focus from the sweetness of casks towards the elegant tannins of the oak.


The dram is appealingly sultry in the sort of way Eva Green portrays a female fatale.. A very well executed flagship whisky that showcases Glenmorangie’s best features when aged gracefully.