Whisky Review: Glenmorangie Private Edition Spios

Style: Spicy and Sweet


Delicate, graceful aroma of glazed pears with caramel popcorn. Almost sticky sweet for a moment. Perfumed tones, candied flowers melting softly. Orange blossom tightroping over a ginger field. More spices surfacing as you dig deeper, quick dab of raw grassiness at the back. Nice.


Powerful ginger attack on the front. Candy floss side stepping and showing more glazed pear tip-toeing on melted toffees. Lemon marshmallows, nutmeg and a touch of five spices brushes on the side. The sweet core gradually contracts and shows the grassy facet of Glenmorangie. White chocolate, vanilla cereal notes. A swift ginger crawl-back whilst more dryness is shown at the back. Finish with tingling spices, a few mineral flicks and low-key malt.


Vanilla grain, a small block of dark chocolate with ester fruits coming back. Ginger drop finish.


A punchy but nicely balanced Glenmorangie. The candied fruit sweetness is intelligently utilized as the counterweight to the powerful ginger spice. I suppose ex-rye cask can be tricky to play with but the expression has been nicely manoeuvred to achieve a great equilibrium on every level. While it is banging strongly on the spicy and sweet theme, the distillate manages to shine through nicely. A classic Glenmorangie with a twist. Personally, I love a rich Glenmorangie, I am unsure that ex-rye is the perfect synergy cask type to bring out the best of Glenmorangie’s spirit. But I am just being picky here, it is a delicious, bright and fun malt.

✓ [Recommended if you like the style/ distillery]

[46% • Original Bottling • Limited Edition • 2016 Bottled • Non Chill Filtered • No Age Statement • ~Aged 10 Years • Fully Matured in ex-Rye Whiskey casks • Private Edition No. 9 • t]