Whisky Review: Glenmorangie Signet

Style: Sweet and Rich

Semi-dry, caramel and coffee ground aroma on the nose. Java cake garnished with grated ginger, chocolate milkshake shaking up. Unhurried lemon and orange citrus floating up to the top, all bright and shiny now. Aroma started from a deeper level and brightens up overtime. Quite nice.

A richer Glenmorangie than usual. The sweetness begins from solid, round, dark cherries, then the tone levitates to show more citruses, mostly blood orange with a casual few lemon drops on the side. Overripe fruits chip in, and the rhythm descends as chocolate malt cake enters. Spicy ginger candies walking in a parallel line. Roasted marshmallows finish with a hint of wood smoke.

The roasted marshmallows now comes with Cappuccino while stewed fruits strapped on the back seat. Finish with molten milk chocolate. Elegant and satisfying finish.

I love rich Glenmorangies and this is one of them, whether it is achieved by cask influence or chocolate malt. It injects an extra set/range of flavours and provides a nice depth to the expression. The under layer of chocolate, coffee and dark fruit notes supplement the spirit beautifully. Meticulous progression. I really don’t mind modern “experimental” whiskies, especially when the end result is so satisfying. Very close to 2 stars.

☆ [Recommended]

[46% • Original Bottling • General Release • Non Chill Filtered • *+]