Whisky Review: Upshot Australian Whiskey

Style: Sweet and Vanillic


Creamy vanilla custard fusing with delightful green pear drops. Soft spice attack from behind, sawdust and acetone overtone. Followed by dry barley, chilli and five spices. Poached fruits and malt cake slowly open up at the back.


Steamed corn kernels dropping into condensed milk. Fresh wood ply with a touch of acetone. Almond milk, the fruit faction is less overt than the nose, but we still have mild white peaches and poached pears. Getting nuttier and drier along the way. Finish with white pepper sprinkles.


Diluted maple syrup, pears and vanilla sweetness slowly fading off.


My first Australian “whiskey” review and I am glad I have started well. I was quite impressed when I first tried it in the Oak Barrel Whisky Fair 2 years ago. Eventually I got a bottle of this, although I suspect it is not from the same cask/batch. Nonetheless, it is still a pretty decent drop – flavours breathing out quite nicely, youthful but well-polished with a lovely progression. A nice summer whiskey for me.

[Recommended if you like the style/distillery]

[43% • Original Bottling • Single Cask • General Release(?) • Cask Number 6 • t]