Dram Review: Simon Brown Glenfarclas Distillery (Distilled in October 1970)

[46.0%・Distilled in 1970・Bottled in 2008・Simon Brown Traders Bottling・Single Cask Release]


The nose is breathtaking, dark cherries and fine mahogany conveying that aged goodness.  Aged leather and brown sugar wrapped around and laced over a fascinating rice fragrance.  Moist fruit cake brushed with blueberry jam as traces of well seasoned wood sips out.

Palate and Finish:

A balanced acidity on the palate, perfectly juxtaposed by the velvety sweetness. Ripe fruits and sakura combine with blackcurrant jam.  Black Forest cake made with a French vanilla sponge layers dressed with dried orange slices.  Excellent mouthfeel as the dram shows strength as a 46%.  Hint of leather to go with a coconut cream base as ample wood spices set in.

The Sherry inspired fruit cake and dark cocoa notes linger on, the follow through tilts towards the dry side.


The label may be confusing but make no mistake, this is a very pretty dram.  Vibrant and beautifully Sherried without showing signs of being over-oaked.  Definitely a cask that benefitted from decades of ageing.

It is interesting how the distillery characters seem to have mostly been mellowed out, and what remains is just a beautifully Sherried Speysider..