Whisky Review: Talisker 1977 Aged 35 Years Special Release 2012

Style: Bright and complex


Delicate stewed tropical fruits sprinkled with supple white pepper spices. Briny peat, a delicate, continuous copper undertone which is nicely protected by an emphatic layer of honey wax. Zippy lemon and orange drop shaping up beautifully, a touch of sour blackberry, sparkling vanilla sugar granules at the back. 


Delicious orange bitters leading the line, herbal liquor, black liquorice, polished brass and dignified oak marching on the wings. Ultra-cooked tropical fruits thoroughly dusted with white pepper. Naval oranges, lemon candy, sweetness beautifully honed, all layers intertwined and braiding up a complex spiral string of expression… Finish with vanilla sugar and dry barley notes. 


A soft and deeper tone on finish. Chocolate, peppermint mist, dry barley and earthy, maritime peat.


A modern-legend bottling, and rightly so. Perfect illustration of how a spirit can be magnificently sculptured by time, alongside with great blending skills. Radiating sweetness, elements of Talisker entwined and delivered with perfect balance, near-endless complexities, my favourite Talisker I have tried so far, no doubt. Not a perfect whisky (which I am starting to question if it exists), but it is a small step above some of the best whiskies I had, a step ahead enough for me to give my first 3 stars whisky. Most recommended.

☆ [Most Recommended] 

[54.6% • 1977 Distilled • 2012 Bottled • Original Bottling • Limited Release • 865 of 3090 Bottles • Non Chill Filtered • Matured in refill American and European oak casks • ***]