Whisky Review: Silver Seal “Whisky is Nature” Series Highland Park 1985 30 Years Old

Style: Sweet and Dignified

Chilli seeds stepping in, followed by elegant pear drops and lemon orange citrus laminated with a sheet of cool spearmint. Parma violet, hints of French Lavender overriding dry minerals and soft coastal signatures. A thin slice of caramel fudge, delicate barley tail to finish. Nice.

Pear and citrus candies with floral honey beautifully drizzled on top. Tropical fruits, red chilies and a pinch of dry spice – cinnamon and black pepper all simmering together. Purple flower swaying softly, progress to creamy vanilla milk. Barley, soft maritime notes, peat smoke and more vanilla cream composing a wonderful underlayer. Delicious.

Gentle walnut brushing on shining stewed tropical fruits. Peat smoke whispering, finish with one final kiss of peppermint.

One of the most complete Highland Park I get to enjoy. It encompasses all the elements you would expect from a great Highland Park. Delicious, achieving a perfect balance between fruity and floral sweetness, good oily texture, well-matured waxy notes giving an exquisite touch on the complex layering and undertones, all magically unfolded. Majestic. Close to 3 stars…

☆☆ [Highly Recommended]

[51% • Independent Bottling • 1985 Distilled • 2015 Bottled • Single Cask • Cask Strength • Non Chill Filtered • Non Coloured • Cask Number: 372 • 35 of 216 Bottles • **+]