Dram Review: Silver Seal “Whisky Is Nature” Series Glenburgie 25 Years Old

[57.1%・25 Years Old・Distilled in 1989・Bottled in 2015・Silver Seal Bottling・Cask No. 16310・Single Cask Release of 204 Bottles]


Chocolate mud cake with something herbal lurking underneath, a gentle grassy note followed by vanilla essence. There are some figs and cherries in the background that are coated with tobacco and leather, showing some age as a slight spirit-y sharpness showing its strength. Overtime it turns malty and yeasty, like walking from the mill to the next room that holds the washbacks.

Palate & Finish:

Bright prunes with a head-turning acidity that stretches and draws out the brightness of the cask-led fruits; apple vinegar, fig jam and maraschino cherries. A generous splash of cinnamon spices is followed by polite doses and oak and milk chocolate taking on a subservient role through a waxy undertone.

A bit drying in the finish with hints of earthiness and spearmint coming through, gentle brush of the dram’s inherent juiciness complimenting the substantial maltiness.


This Glenburgie is quite a dramatic whisky, painting scenes that demand for attention.

The plot however may not feel entirely coherent, there are a few aspects that feel a bit too excessive.

But even then it’s undoubtedly a very solid dram and quite delicious indeed.