Dram Review: Silver Seal “Whisky Is Nature” Series Dalmore 1990 25 Years Old

[55.5%・25 Years Old・Distilled in 1990・Bottled in 2015・Silver Seal Bottling・Cask No. 66・Single Cask Release of 228 Bottles]


It’s hard to pin down the dram’s main theme from the nose.  It shows glimpses of white fruits and wee citrus, but at the same time the oiliness of the spirit is on full display as well. Also in the mix are popcorn flavoured jelly belly and a malted vanilla creaminess that is backed by plenty of char. Meanwhile the oak is quietly assertive as the barley lays the foundation together with a white floral note.

In time, the oiliness becomes more pronounced, bay leaves and meat broth forming some base notes.

Palate & Finish:

Some pretty citrus up front disguising the spirit hotness; limes, stone fruits and green apples lined with sharp spices before the cask allows for the velvety texture of hazelnut cream to slightly even out the assault.

The fruitiness led by the sweet white grapes and a slight hint of coconuts eventually blossoms beyond the grasp of the oily spirit into something more expressive before gradually being dried off by the oak and the maltiness together with a savoury curry flavour composed of bay leaves and toasted flannel seeds.

The savoury notes transition into chocolate cereal with a wee menthol top note and a floral base note. The dram finishes gracefully with some waxiness and some white fruits.


This one is rather hard to piece together, complicated rather than complex. Still, it’s very much a dram for fans of big malty spirit, every sip reveals something different and flavours come and go upon every sip.

That being said, the intensity of the spices is ultimately a bit distorting for me.


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