Dram Review: Bruichladdich The Bordeaux First Growth Series Cuvée E Sauternes Aged 16 Years

[46.0%・16 Years Old・Bottled in 2008・Official Bottling・Limited Release]


Wild violet with a calming oak veil, well decorated with a lemony presence, and just underneath the peels lies an apple cider note that conveys a natural sweetness.  Some mangos and apricots in the background reintroducing the bright sugary fruitiness and is complimented by a gentle creaminess.

Palate & Finish:

A naturally sweet entry that feels wondrous as it is infused with a clean citrus edge.  Freshly plucked Japanese red apples with its sugary content crystallising, served with a dashing splash of gingery spices that rounds out the excessive sweetness effortlessly.

The sweetness eases into a elongated finish with wee chocolate and malt echoing the oak.


I enjoyed just how well the Sauternes characters are translated here.  This dram is immensely pleasing, fresh flavours without being overly sweet, very much an ideal wine cask finish.