Whisky Review: Johnnie Walker Blender’s Batch Rum Cask Finish Exp#8

Style: Delicate and Fruity


Sweet pineapple unwinding over a thin line of pulled pork. Caramel sugar cascading with dry spices. A fragrant touch on bright tropical fruits, very nice squeeze of green lime which lunges from the back. Pretty well constructed aroma.


A much fuzzier delivery on the palate. Vanilla milk clouding over tropical fruits punchbowl, papaya dices and coconut jelly in the mix. Fair bit of lime cordial floating over the cereal malt, a light brush of caramel syrup, it feels the rum characters have infused nicely into the spirit. Copper overtone, shattered dry spices snowing down – cinnamon bark, vanilla pod and star anise. Flavours quickly fading towards the end.


Flavours fading rather quickly. Tropical fruits on a full retreat, vanilla switches to the drier side. An oatmeal tail.


This is actually better than I first tried it. Some might find the delivery is too soft. Pretty laid back flavours, the rum character is pretty upfront, which is not always the case of rum cask finish. The spirit have combined with it to generate nice fruitiness – almost like a cocktail itself (while the whisky is actually designed for making cocktails). Clean structuring, maybe you can make a good highball out of it I guess. Not bad for a introductory whisky as well.

[40.8% • Blended Scotch • Limited Edition • Bottle Number: RCF1 04546 • x]


Thank you Johnnie Walker, Diageo Australia, Sweet&Chilli and Leo Burnett Sydney for the bottle.