Whisky Review: Glenfarclas Aged 40 Years

Style: Sherry and Dignified oak


Starts with tobacco skin and dark cherry, the aroma carries a nice weight. Massive dark-red fruits expanding quickly, prunes, a wee bit of plum wine, black liquorice contributes some sweet earthiness, followed by a more elusive copper and meaty tone. Firm malt cake sitting deep at the core.


Now there is more emphasis on tobacco leaves and dark cherries on the palate. More delicious red fruits, dark liquorice slightly on the herbal edge while still giving a steady, earthy vibe. Blood orange liquor, gold kiwifruit and a spoon of cough syrup. The bitter note is very positive here (very rarely so), dignified oak is honed and enhanced by dark sherry, tannins and the ashy notes. A bittersweet cigar tail to finish.


Coffee grounds, more cigars sinking lower, while fig jam surfaces. Malt humming till the end.


I remember not liking it at all when I first tried this 2 years ago – thought it was too bitter but not sherried enough. But tonight, when I revisit this, I see this Glenfarclas 40 in a new light. Vintage Oloroso signature which is satisfyingly deep and rich, the bitterness is beautifully polished and garnished to contribute in a meaningful way. Not often you can appreciate the role bitterness played in whisky and this is one of the rare occasions. Brilliant dram.

☆☆ [Highly Recommended]

[46% • Original Bottling • 2010 Bottled • General Release • Non Chill Filtered • **]