Whisky Review: Lark Cask Strength Port Cask 2014 #512

Style: Musky Fruits and Spicy

Fat, musky, fruity aroma rising from the glass, take some grape bubblegum and a good crunch of chocolate waffle. Spice not forgiving at this strength, but through the wave awaits some clean malt with a teasing acidic touch to it.

Full strength unleashed on the palate. More grape bubblegum and red fruits notes, then there is chocolate malt, assorted fruits – bright orange, coconut, banana… Burnt caramel sauce, holding up by pepper spice and a touch of bitterness from the oak to the mix. The sweetness of the caramel and assorted fruits are given time to shine, extra spice gives a good foundation, the flavours accumulate and anchor at the back end to give a brilliant mid-end palate. 

Sweet toffee parties hard with a peck of vibrant grapes and spice. Soft malt taking a good, long and satisfying stroll to finish. 

Very enjoyable Lark. Most Aussie cask strengths tend to give your nose some harshness but like this one, it mellows out after a while. Personally I enjoyed this quite a lot, larger-than-life muskiness, gigantic flavours keeping me busy, savory sweetness… Massive Port cask, massive spirit, the essence of Aussie style. 

☆ [Recommended] 

[58%・2014 Bottled・Original Bottling・No Age Statement・Single Cask ・Cask Strength・Non Coloured・Non Chill Filtered・Cask Number: 512 • *]