Dram Review: Heartwood The Beagle 5

[62.4%・NAS・Bottled in 2017・Limited Release of 175 Bottles]


The casks give off an earthy and oaky vibe, the brute strength is obviously there.  It’s syrupy, presumably a product of involvement from the thicker textured casks with a prominent fortified wine led acidity; but otherwise it’s held quite tightly and requires some time for the richness to open up.

Palate & Finish:

A sticky and chewy drop.  Maraschino cherries and glazed strawberries with a good oomph of heat and plenty of minerals and tannins.  The delivery stretches on, date pudding served with fresh cream.  Rather umami towards the end.


I am always intrigued by Mr. Duckett’s works, more so with his vatted malts and especially when he has had to actively tweaked the flavours.

The Beagle 5 definitely benefitted from having its different components.  Individually I suspect the casks may all be somewhat unbalanced and flawed but collectively this is a coherent expression.  I’m not sure though if it would have worked still if not for Tim’s unique ways of loving..



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