Whisky Review: Highland Park Ice Edition Aged 17 Years

Style: Fruity and Vanilla


Peppermint and heather layering on top, candy floss with fluffy vanilla cream one level down. Light touches of violets and chilli flakes. Soft icy vibe. Peat smoke sits in the middle and curiously it is a bit mossy and earthy. White flowers blossoming over solid tropical fruits while white timber notes slips in towards the end. Quite nice.


Massive creamy sweetness washing through the palate. More vanilla milky pouring over elegant and round tropical fruits. Below sits a subtle floral sweetness tone while peat smoke starting to roll in. Simmering ester fruits – coconut, pineapple, dripping with delicious heather honey. Rich and creamy, yum yum. Peppermint undertone with black peppercorns, a subtle earthy touch to finish.


Tropical fruits and vanilla cream staying on. Honey notes emerges with soft barbecue smoke making the finish rather fascinating.


A teen Highland Park putting on a fluffy vanilla-fruit coat. The casks used here are predominantly first-fill Amercian Oak hogsheads so you can expect there is ample supply of vanilla and topical fruits. The casks have contributed plenty flavours here while the spirit gives the profile a softening, embracing touch. I quite enjoyed this expression as it shows some character while it can still stay true to the house style. Personally I think it is hard to achieve a good balance on that. Lovely dram.

☆ [Recommended]

[53.9% • 2016 Bottled • Original Bottling • Limited Edition • 30000 Bottled • Non Chill Filtered • Non Coloured • Quick Impression • *]