You’re Invited: Not a Masterclass

Thanks to Mr. Fitzsimons and the rest of the Oak Barrel team for once again hosting our whisky sharing session, this one will be on Friday, 20 October 2017.

No theme for the evening, there will just be whiskies I want to try myself.  A little single cask omakase if you will, here’s the line up:

Arran Private Cask Cask No. 2005/037 Specially Selected by La Maison Du Whisky 57.8%
By all accounts from our Singaporean friend, this is the textbook definition of “Sherry Bomb” as selected by the famed French house.

Signatory Vintage Highland Park 1988 Cask No. 1235 58.4%
An older “dumpy” bottle from the bygone era, it will be interesting to experience what whisky nerds were drinking 15 years ago.

Coilltean Samaroli 1995 Tormore Cask No. 20261 45%
A single cask from a lesser known distillery bottled by the Italian independent bottler. This cask was bottled exclusively for the Hong Kong connoisseurs.

BenRiach Limited Release 1993 Claret Finish Cask No. 7937 54.3%
A single cask bottling from the Speyside workhorse. The cask has been finished in Claret cask.

Signatory Vintage Glen Elgin 1990 Cask No. 7881 50.6%
A really underrated Speyside distillery in my opinion. This interpretation from Signatory Vintage should be quite true to the distillery’s characters and its Speyside roots.

SMWS 4.208 Highland Park “Triggers the Imagination” 53.8%
A 23 year old Highland Park I brought back from Scotland a couple of years ago.  I have been meaning to crack it for some time now, the Society tasting notes indicate that this will be a fruit bomb.
Serves are 15ml each.

Please inbox us at for cost info and to reserve your seat, we hope to see you then!

P.S. As we are tasting quite a few whiskies at the session, many of them at cask strength, please do not drive to the venue, thank you.

Dram well and be thankful.