Dram Review: Ocean Whisky Karuizawa Aged 21 Years

[43.0%・21 Years Old・Distilled in 1967・Ocean Whisky Bottling・Limited Release of 498 Bottles]


Subtle and elegant.  Beeswax, red cherries, soft fruits and fine raisins carried through a mellow oak influence.  Some red apples in time as well as the comforting barley sweetness gradually comes on.

Palate & Finish:

Certainly more lively on the palate, bright oranges with the peels slightly torched, ripe mangos with a light wood influence.  Soft tannins tenderly grip on with the malt blending in well with the fragrance.  A perfectly soft delivery.

Clean finish, crisp fruits with a wee bitterness, the fragrance is rounded and lasting.


Sometimes, how the flavours are conveyed is what makes the dram special.

Thomas said that this is not the usual Karuizawa and I agree.  Nevertheless, this dram here is executed sublimely.

☆ [Recommended]