Whisky Review: Springbank Society Springbank 8 Years Old

[56.0%・8 Years Old・Distilled in 1995・Bottled in 2004・Springbank Society Bottling・Single Cask Release of 306 Bottles]


A beautiful floral aroma, rich and indulgent with sweet caramel and poached fruits.  A spicy excitement as chili and ginger get delivered in a powdery manner, coated by the satisfying note of brown sugar crumbling in the background.

Palate & Finish:

Ahhhh, a hearty dose of sweet and juicy Sherry influence.  The malt blends well with the ripe fruits; orange slices seasoned with icing sugar as the delivery grows elaborate and expressive.  Some peppery note in there that gets smoothed out in due course as the creamy malt reaches a crescendo.

The maltiness carries on long into the finish, milk chocolate with the fine Sherry note complimenting.


What a magnificent 8 year old.  I was astounded when I first tried this a couple of years ago and for a whisky nerd there’s no better feeling..