Whisky Review: Sullivans Cove French Oak Single Cask HH400

Style: Sweet and Fragrant

Gentle fragrance of floral and herbal green accentuate on the forefront. Malty, sweet and balmy aroma. Steamed sticky mocha dipped into white sugar. Honey and dry almonds. White pepper and chilli spice sprinkling onto subtle Maltesers chocolate towards the back. Beautiful nose.

Delicate honey mead run into focused spice on the palate. Sweetness going slightly vague comparing to the nose. Light, crisp red grapes humming gently. More honey syrup flows in, slightly buttery texture. Fresh herbal with a touch of dry nuttiness. Oak emerges, chocolate finish.

Sweet red grapes gradually fading. Still quite fragrant and delicate.

It seems the beauty of French oak is how well it can bring out the true elegance of Sullivans Cove’s spirit. The cask elements complement the expression so well… Delicate with a decent texture and flavours charmingly fragrant. Dangerously easy drinking, unique, beautiful whisky.

☆ [Recommended]

[47.5% • Original Bottling • Single Cask • No Age Statement • Non Chill Filtered • Aged 15 Years • Matured in Port Cask • 109 of 449 Bottles • *]


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