Dram Review: Lark The Revolution Release RR 23

[66.1%・2 Years and 9 Months Old・Bottled in 2017・Official Bottling・Single Cask Release]


Quite tight initially, a bit green with the new make still quite evident.  Typical American oak influence combined with the vanilla led by the bourbon cask.  Banana essence with a slight oomph of bonfire in time.

Palate & Finish:

Very orange-y and drizzled with lemon oil.  A thin brush of vanilla gives way to a buck load of hotness.

Caramel sauce with the dryness and bitterness of the peels coming through, there is a spray of citrus oil to prolong the finish.


A youthful interpretation of Lark showcasing all the edges.  The spirit has seemingly evolved from the more subtle and rounded Larks from a few years ago.