Whisky Review: Mannochmore The Manager’s Dram 1997

Style: Ultra Sweet and Spicy

A heavy breath of chilli spice followed by full-bodied aromatic sweetness. Parma violet, slightly soapy, vanilla sugar and malt syrup. Boldly sweet. Nose-burning, eye-watering peppermint spice assaulting your senses. A curious mineral flick, honey dripping onto oak staves towards the end.

Massive sweetness smashes in with tremendous force, spirit plucking quite a few malty strings. Sweet pastry, fruit Danish, barley sugar and a layer of vanilla cream chanting in harmony. Herbal greens and chilli at maximum fire power. Towards the end we have creamy coconut notes. Oily and delicious.

Vanilla milk, a hint of barley and white chocolate. Quite juicy, coconut cream to finish.

66%! And that’s above filling strength, I wonder why would they want to do such a vat. Especially when Mannochmore is a rather spicy distillate in my book. An interesting dram which demonstrates a parade of sweetness outlining the creamy texture. Very charming, I suppose that’s what the manager was aiming for. But I suppose not everyone can withstand the intensity of this dram. If you are not prepared for an ultra-powerful whisky, water is mandatory. Intriguing concept of whisky making, I guess…

✓ [Recommended if you like the style/ distillery]

[66% • Original Bottling • 1997 Bottled • 1979 Distilled • Cask Strength • Non Chill Filtered • Non Coloured • 683 of 1800 Bottles • Limited Release • t]