Whisky Review: SMWS Aultmore 73.83 “Anzac Biscuits and Cricket Bats”

[56.9%・Distilled in 2001・Bottled in 2017・15 Years Old・SMWS Bottling・Single Cask Release of 522 Bottles]


The nose is perhaps on the shy side at first, still there is a good inherent presence of Oloroso; sticky prunes, figs with a wee sprinkle of gunpowder.  Give it some time to to breathe and it develops a floral musk and thereafter a rustic weetbix note.

Palate & Finish:

Mmm, a charged iteration of Oloroso influence, syrupy and spicy with a hearty and juicy execution of dried fruits.  What follows is a creamy toffee note that gets evened out by a fitting measure of red tea tannins.  Cooked strawberries glazed with a balsamic reduction and paired with thin slices of dark chocolate.

Raisin toast that’s slightly burnt and as an icing on top, just a sprinkle of rose water that brings the finishing alive again.


Well, I think the society members in Australia will be happy with another one of Andrew’s Sherried Specials.

Happy birthday SMWS and well picked AD!