Whisky Review: Clynelish Distillery’s Edition 2012

Style: Honey and Light Sherry

Sherry notes on the drier side, plums and black licorice, followed by a refreshing pour of grape juice. Air-dried barley glimmering with malt syrup, then we have a thicker, pleasant aroma of roasted cornflakes with a hint of saltiness.

Rose petals canon, reinforced sherry influence first touch on the palate. Citrus orange paddles in and join forces with the strength to give out some really nice fresh fruits and zesty notes. A puff of smoke. Tannins sparkling gently and more delicious malt is dished out towards the end. Satisfied.

Red fruits lingering on with a bit of nice strawberry x raspberry jam. Malty finish seasoned with salt and smoke.

When I first started drinking whisky I did not see why Clynelish was adored by many whisky enthusiasts. But now I treasure every drop of it when I get my hands on it. The honey malt, citrus, fresh fruits, waxiness balanced beautifully with light peat and smoke. A unique and extraordinary profile which is so difficult to match. For this dram, I like the extra sherry presence which did not out maneuver the magnificent core. Classic 
Clynelish, mighty malt.

[46%・2012・Original Bottling・Limited Edition・Batch Number: Cl-Br:175-71 • t]

✓ [Recommended if you like the style/ distillery]