Dram Review: Samaroli 1977 Ardmore

[45%・Distilled in 1977・Bottled in 2003・Samaroli Bottling・Limited Release]


Gentle minerals with a light dose of that clean Highland peat smoke.  Freshness from the stone fruits and guava compliment a smooth execution of vanilla.  Classy and chic, the Maestro had once again reinterpreted a distillery brilliantly.

Palate & Finish:

Caramel fudge with a slice of candied lime cake.  Quite a delightful delivery for the sweet tooth.  The smoke carries on thereafter, tipping the hat to the distillery’s more rustic style, whilst maintaining the balance stupendously.

Soft sugary finish, pleasantly light but lengthy, the malt is vibrant and the interaction with the fruits is fascinating.


Pure bliss, a dram that offers a submerging experience..  if you get the chance, savour it.

☆☆ [Highly Recommended]