Dram Review: Adelphi’s Liddesdale Batch Release No. 10 Distilled at Bunnahabhain

[46%・Bottled Circa 2017・21 Years Old・Adelphi’s Bottling・Limited Release]


Raisins with the barley imparting a slightly smoky vibe.  There is a meaty note, but it’s swiftly blanketed by a sense of green grapes bursting through, foreboding a juicy palate to come.

Palate & Finish:

The delivery doesn’t disappoint at all, classic Bunnahabhain vibes with the juicy-turns-lager-y delivery.  There is a hint of cola bears giving a complimentary acidity.  A crisp palate with a sensible presence of that Adelphi sherry influence, together with a brush of dry chocolate dust they keep the delivery light without weighting down on the tone.

A solid carrythough of the juiciness, now with a more general splash of chocolate powder.


I have always found the Liddlesdale series to be one of the better IB interpretation of Bunnahabhain, another solid offering from the Adelphi lads!

☆ [Recommended]


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